"Millie and the staff at Millie's House have provided my children with the love and care that has matched what I would have provided in my home. The time invested in each child to teach and nurture truly reveals Millie's passion for working with children, as well as her creativity to keep the kids engaged in social play. The memories that my children have made at Millie's House have helped shaped their childhood, and I will be forever grateful to Millie for creating a safe and enjoyable day for the kids everyday."

Michelle Trautmann 

"My son loved going to Millie's House! He started out as a young one year old and the love & nurturing he received from Millie & her staff helped him become a confident pre-schooler. Dropping him off at Millie's was like leaving him with my mom....I never worried about him and I knew everyone at Millie's loved him as much as I do!!!  I highly recommend Millie's House!!!"

Heather Praml

“Finding Millie and her team was a god-send for us.  Our first child went to a franchised daycare provider and experienced the typical ebb-and-flow of care providers, who changed daily.  The stability we found when we placed our son with Millie and her team was beneficial both to him and to us.  The love, attention, care and sense of family that Millie’s group provided was the perfect environment for his development and we couldn’t have asked for more.  The peace of mind that came with knowing he was with people who loved him almost as much as we did went a long way towards making us happier parents and him a joyful, well-adjusted and secure little boy.
I’m not sure who enjoyed being part of Millie’s family more – our son or us.”

Courtney Valdeon

"Our family first met Millie thirteen years ago when our oldest son started at Millie's House. Right away, Millie and the other families felt like our own family.  The children are like siblings, they love each other and greet each other with hugs each morning!  What I love about Millie's house is that it is a truly warm and loving environment, the best alternative since I wasn't staying home with them myself.  What my children love about Millie's house was the fun they have, the crafts that they create, and the life-long friendships they made at Millie's house. 

When we found out we were having one second child seven years after our first, my first phone call was to Millie to make sure that she would have room for us again!  Our two boys grew into such kind, caring, and empathetic individuals and I attribute that to the loving educate they received at Millie's house!  Our boys stayed with Millie until kindergarten started, and they were very well prepared for kindergarten by the time they got there! At Millie's House, they learned how to socialize appropriately as well as having traditional educational lessons like letter recognition, sounds, grouping, and math skills.

I truly believe that my children were given the best start in life because of their experiences at Millie's House.  No one could have loved them more or taught them more than Millie did! It takes a village to raise a child, and I am so fortunate that my village was at Millie's House!"

Leslie Walch